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Language learning for everyday life.

Learn Italian with Joy of Languages is an online language school helping hundreds of people achieve their dreams of learning a new language, travelling to another country and having authentic conversations with real people.

Everyone is capable of learning a new language – especially when they connect with others and focus on phrases used in real life. We help people see the fun in language learning so it becomes something to look forward to.

How we started

Joy of Languages Italian was set up by Katie when she relocated from the UK to Italy. Far from being a language fanatic all her life, she was in fact completely monolingual until her early twenties, napping her way through language lessons at school and university. The classroom bored her to tears – she assumed she was simply bad at languages!

With classroom-based learning, I just never felt languages were for me. It was all so rigid and formulaic. Once I started to reframe it around words and phrases that would be useful to me in everyday life, everything started to click into place.


However, as soon as she tried learning Italian away from the classroom, Katie discovered she could study in a way that complemented her own learning style. She found ways to absorb Italian that were personal, fun and – most importantly – really worked. After discovering her love of Italian, Katie went on to dabble in French, Spanish, Mandarin and German – the list keeps growing.

Fascinated by the science that underpins how adults learn languages, she went on to achieve a Masters in Linguistics from the University of Cambridge, and later an MRes in Speech, Language & Cognition at University College London. Katie wanted to share her passion and knowledge for language learning with others, applying everything she’d learned and helping new speakers discover the real joy of language.

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Languages are more fun when you practise communicating with people and learning to appreciate their culture. I refuse to spend all my time memorising rules and vocabulary.


Our philosophy of learning

We believe languages are about people, rather than strict rules. Most language learning programmes don’t work because they don’t teach you what you need to know. Studying isolated words and complicated grammar is a complete waste of time unless you know how to use them in real conversations.

Speaking a language is a practical skill, like riding a bike or swimming. We all get better at practical skills by doing them, not by reading about them in books. The quickest – and most enjoyable – way to learn Italian is by using it in real conversations. It helps you organise your thoughts, find the right words and put them together to communicate in a meaningful way.

I love the intuitive approach that without really realising it, you absorb the grammar. The focus is always on colloquial language learning, stuff that's gonna be useful to you when you're out there.

Louise, student

Our language courses teach you grammar and vocabulary on a need to know basis. This means studying useful words and sentence structures that help you speak in real situations, not random words for kitchen appliances that you’ll never use. Drawing on findings from linguistics, psychology and neuroscience, our philosophy of learning is based on four fundamental pillars –

Our approach

Conquer the fear of speaking

Most people feel a bit tense when they try to speak a different language. It’s normal. We’re worried we’ll seem stupid or people will laugh at us. Deep down we know it’s not true – but the fear still feels very real! Our classes give you a safe and supportive environment to practise. We'll help you get past your speaking blocks so you’ll soon feel ready to get out there and start chatting to native Italians.

Adopt the right strategies

Everyone can learn to have conversations in Italian by following the simple strategies taught in our lessons. Our courses are written by a native and non-native team – natives help you learn the most natural and correct way to say things, and non-natives can help you overcome the specific challenges you’re facing, because they’ve been there too!

Have fun along the way

Studies show we learn languages quicker when we’re feeling happy and relaxed. When we let go and have fun with a language, our minds are open and absorb new information more easily. Our lively classes are packed with entertaining examples, interactive games and simple explanations to help you enjoy the learning process and pick up Italian without the stress.

Fit in with day-to-day life

Learning online means accessing high quality course materials from wherever you are in the world. This means you can learn at home, in the office, on the move – wherever you have an internet connection. Pre-scheduled live classes provide some structure to your week, but the rest of your time is own, giving you the freedom and flexibility each day to choose when to learn new phrases, practice speaking or take part in story-based learning.

Our teachers

We have a wide range of friendly and supportive teachers, each bringing their own personal skills, knowledge and experience to our school. Together, they share a genuine love of language learning, helping students of all levels continue to improve their Italian through commitment, patience and passion.

Meet the teachers

Our teachers are with you every step of the way on your learning journey.

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