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Where's the toilet? Two coffees please! How much is it? Learn the basics in bite-sized pieces with Katie and Matteo. (Formerly known as '5 minute Italian').

Episode 134

Italian Phrases to Talk to Anyone on Your Trip: Taxi Drivers, Baristas and More!

These Italian phrases will help you talk to Italians and get insider tips on where to go, what to do and what to eat. Use them to make your next trip special!

09 Apr 2024
12 min 31 sec

Episode 133

How To Say HELLO In Italian

Hello in Italian is “ciao”. But do you know how to use it the right way? Learn how to say hello in Italian and feel at ease when greeting people in Italy.

02 Apr 2024
12 min 48 sec

Episode 132

Fare: Conjugations and Useful Phrases

Vacations, weather, and your hobbies… you’ll need FARE to talk about these things and more! Learn how to use this important Italian verb.

26 Mar 2024
13 min 54 sec

Episode 131

How to Say BEAUTIFUL in Italian

19 Mar 2024
11 min 42 sec

Episode 130

11 Best Apps to Learn Italian (These Actually Work!)

12 Mar 2024
9 min 37 sec

Episode 129

Years in Italian: Learn How to Say Them Right!

05 Mar 2024
13 min 24 sec

Episode 128

Stare: The Italian Verb You Need to Know!

When should you use the verb stare? It can feel confusing at first – let’s clear things up so you can use it with confidence in conversation!

27 Feb 2024
10 min 54 sec

Episode 127

Goodnight and Good Evening in Italian: Learn to use them like a local!

Learn how to greet Italians at night and in the evening and avoid these common learner mistakes!

20 Feb 2024
10 min 53 sec

Episode 126

Così: How To Say ‘So’ (and much more) in Italian

How do you say “so” in Italian? Most of the time, you can say “così”, a handy word for lots of different situations. Learn how to use it in this lesson.

13 Feb 2024
12 min 50 sec

Episode 125

21 Best Italian Movies to Learn Italian

These Italian movies are so good, you’ll forget you’re studying! Choose your favourites from dramas, classics and comedies, with tips on how to watch.

06 Feb 2024
6 min 12 sec

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