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A language school without the classrooms, our online courses are here to help you speak Italian in a way that’s practical, relaxed and fun.

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It can be tempting to hide behind textbooks forever. But speaking Italian without fear of failure will help you progress in what you really want to do — have conversations with real people, make new friends and discover the real Italy.

Ideal for absolute beginners or advanced learners

Emphasis on speaking skills and everyday conversations

Mixture of activities and types of learning to help things sink in

Practical, real world stories and examples to help you learn

Structured lesson plans to keep you motivated and organised

Feedback and support from experienced language teachers

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Joy of Languages is all about learning to speak how native Italians speak. Built on the idea that learning a new language should be a joy rather than a chore, our friendly and professional teachers are here to guide you step by step.

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I'd been struggling through Italian lessons for years, but when I started learning outside the classroom that's when it finally started to click. Our online school aims to replicate everything about 'real life' language learning that worked for me – so you can skip treading water and start making real progress.


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Join our language school if you want to start speaking Italian in a way that’s authentic and useful. You’ll learn from real life stories, build your confidence and realise that making mistakes and having fun are all part of the journey


Learn Italian. Podcast

Listen to Katie and Matteo chatting about their everyday life in Italy. Each episode is packed with easy-to-digest tips, tricks and guides, offering plenty of real-world context and allowing you to absorb new words and phrases on the go!
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How to say ok in Italian: 9 easy ways

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Most Italians really appreciate it when you try to speak the language. Even just a few words or phrases show you care about our culture. And we don't mind if you speak slowly or make mistakes – the important thing is to communicate!


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